All of Ducky’s presentations are inclusive of all experience levels, genders and orientations. The titillation factors always brings students out in droves, her heartfelt stories captivate them and her attitudes around body image, self-esteem and beauty send them away feeling like the strong, beautiful individuals they are.

All About Sex Show can be presented as a more intimate workshop where Ducky facilitates a conversation (30 or fewer students) or in an auditorium stetting for Welcome Weeks and larger student body events.

Laugh. Learn. Explore sex on your own terms. With Ducky DooLittle's All About SEX Show!

Ducky is a storyteller. Delivering true tales of surviving and thriving as a young person, she uses ample doses of hilarity and warm honesty to talk with students about… sexual pleasure, sexual health, personal decision making, patience, respect, shame, body image, self-care, dating, hook ups, intimate partner violence, “grape” (grey area rape), sexual assault and violence, compassion and diversity. She brings awareness to campus resources like sex positive student groups, counseling services, campus clinics and peer education services. Ducky’s All About Sex Show is an awesome way for students to learn about campus resources and how to advocate for themselves and others.


Ducky speaks from real life experience. Orphaned, growing up in foster care and homeless as a youth, she learned to care for herself under the harshest circumstances. Today Ducky is an author, Sex Educator and a certified Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Counselor. She has trained with Planned Parenthood in comprehensive STD prevention and medically accurate sex education. She wrote the book Sex with the Lights On: 200 Illuminating Sex Questions Answered.


"It was phenomenal and the students really enjoyed it! Thank you so much!" - James Capshaw Smith, University of California, Riverside campus Residence Life / Housing Services

"We just can't stop talking about you! The students were blown away by your engaging, honest approach & loved how relaxed and funny you made it for everyone." -Sarah Rankin, Western Washington University Student Health Services

"Everyone really loved the event and I know all of the organizers agreed it was our favorite, most informative and hilarious event yet." -Jenna Mellor, Harvard University student organizer

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Need smart, hilarious sex ed? Hire Ducky.

Ducky has appeared at:

-Antioch College
-Barnard College
-Columbia University
-George Mason Univerity
-Harvard University
-Keene State College
-Mount Sinai School of Medicine
-New York Institutes of Technology
-New York University
-Pace University
-San Diego State University
-Sarah Lawrence College
-State University of New York
-University of California
-University of Michigan
-University of Wisconsin
-Vassar College
-Wesleyan University
-Western Washington University... name a few.